Flexibility and optimization in all your company’s shipments

Our knowledge of international transport, experience in every sector of industry and adaptability enable us to offer custom operating solutions for your business to enhance your company’s operation by streamlining costs, time and resources.

We design flexible processes of supply, control, management and commercialization by studying your processes and analyzing your objectives. With our effective proprietary models, experience in thousands of success stories, knowledge of the global market and team specialized in solutions for the supply chain, your company can rely on top-tier consulting service.

What does Boss Continental’s work consist of?

How do we do it?

Through a comprehensive understanding of your business and its needs.

Based on a study of your business and objectives, we identify problems and weak points in your supply and marketing chain in order to plan the change your company needs.

We unify processes and coordinate transactions, operating on your behalf to give you more time to focus on your business, having delegated to us the bulk of certain operations.

We remove from your supply chain equation the complexity of customs processes, and complying with changing regulations on a full range of services, so that your operations will be compatible and secure, thus minimizing the risk of blockades or sanctions.

We can warehouse the finished product, its packaging, labeling and customization, thus managing your stock and preparing its distribution to national and international distribution centers in one or more countries. We also design networks of national and international distribution centers to optimize transport costs.

Shared or dedicated transport solutions nationally or internationally to reduce the high cost of distribution. We manage transporters, collection from suppliers, inverse logistics, tracking and monitoring. We also offer door-to-door delivery to optimize your logistics network and so you can focus entirely on your business.

Supplementary services

Our experience in optimizing supply chains and logistics solutions can help your company for the following:

Specialized logistics solutions applied to each industrial sector, created to meet the import and export needs of all manner of goods, materials and products.

Offering shipments under the best conditions of time and resources, both nationally and internationally.

Whatever the form of transport, you will always enjoy the benefits of consolidated air, land and sea transport for optimal management of your goods.

Specific storage and warehousing solutions for temperature-sensitive cargo, with certified handling processes.

Because not all stages of the supply chain have the same needs, we are ready to meet the most demanding needs.

Not sure what service you need?

Advisory for document management and customs

With a track record of thousands of successful shipments all over the world, we have broad experience in customs procedures and import-export operations that enable our customers to expedite movement of their goods with full assurance.

The following are available for all shipments:

  • Customs dispatch
  • Document control
  • Tax procedure
  • Plant health services
  • Perishable produce
  • Transit of goods
  • Customs storage and warehouses
  • Issue of EUR 1, ATR certificates, etc

Boss Continental