Health: on the cutting edge of logistics

Health products require specific actions and specific state-of-the-art material to maintain goods in good condition and preservation down to the last detail.

What solutions do we have for the health sector?

Receipt, storage and distribution

We have a complete network of transport and warehouses that are right for the receipt, storage and distribution of health products.

We will handle the complete process through specially design sub-processes for such goods, and with total traceability.

Logistic of sterilized products

At Boss Continental we have highly controlled environments for the management and handling of medical material, clinical trials and any product in sterile conditions.

We intervene in our clients logistics to provide comprehensive and specific solutions for manging supplies, copacking, storage, collection and packaging..

Logistics with controlled temperature

We have storage and transport for comprehensive management of products in controlled temperature conditions.

Our methods and operations in such cases are specially designed for the correct management of the cold chain, and offer our clients total traceability in all their operations.

Not sure what service you need?

Advisory for document management and customs

With a track record of thousands of successful shipments all over the world, we have broad experience in customs procedures and import-export operations that enable our customers to expedite movement of their goods with full assurance.

The following are available for all shipments:

  • Customs dispatch
  • Document control
  • Tax procedure
  • Plant health services
  • Perishable produce
  • Transit of goods
  • Customs storage and warehouses
  • Issue of EUR 1, ATR certificates, etc

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