The importance of close attention to detail

Boss Continental offers you the best logistics and transport solutions with a controlled temperature for the whole world for refrigerated products, perishable products and pharmaceutical products.

Our team of experts is total dedicated to the design and maintenance of the cold chain on land, sea and air. We create tailored, custom solutions for your business aimed at meeting your specific needs.

What services does Boss Continental offer?

How do we do it?

By identifying critical factors, planning optimal routes and selecting the best conditions of packaging and transport. Because we understand the value of your operation.

To assure your complete security and control, all our dispatches in controlled temperature conditions have real-time traceability systems and specific handling processes.

Specific solutions

We have special solutions for sectors that require transport with controlled temperature. We also have door-to-door service.

Health and pharmaceutical sector:

We transport sensitive materials with old chains specifically designed for laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, surgical devices, natural medicine, cosmetics, etc.

Food and perishable product sector:

Logistics solutions adapted to the particular features of your food chain, with total traceability and specific handling processes for the transport of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, sausages etc.

Door-to-door service

The comprehensive solution for your business, available in all forms of land transport with controlled temperature.

We are ready to collect your goods, manage the freight-related documentation, transport them to their destination and distribute them, thus taking all worries off your shoulders.

Not sure what service you need?

Advisory for document management and customs

With a track record of thousands of successful shipments all over the world, we have broad experience in customs procedures and import-export operations that enable our customers to expedite movement of their goods with full assurance.

The following are available for all shipments:

  • Customs dispatch
  • Document control
  • Tax procedure
  • Health and veterinary services
  • Perishable produce
  • Transit of goods
  • Customs storage and warehouses
  • Issuance of EUR 1, ATR certificates., etc

Boss Continental