Insurance for moving our goods with total assurance

Boss Continental works with leading insurance companies that provide global coverage. This allows us to guarantee total security for the value of our clients goods in the event of unforeseen events such as natural disasters, fire, theft, or structural breakdowns.

What types of insurance does Boss Continental offer?

Boss ONE: insurance for ONEOFF goods transport

The perfect solutions, with individual coverage for companies that transport goods infrequently or on a one-off basis.

Boss PLUS: ANNUAL insurance for goods transport

Specially designed for companies that transport goods on a periodic basis, insuring all shipments operated by Boss Continental within a definite time span, with a minimum investment in time and management. All your shipments will be insured.

Boos FIT: FLEXIBLE insurance for goods transport

Custom solution for mixed shipments, those with a changing value or variable frequency. This insurance will cover all shipments managed by our company, with the advantages of annual insurance and the precision of one-off insurance.

Why is it important to insure your shipment?

Although all our transport and services are subject to regulation and international commerce rules and regulations, and we work only with top-tier companies, we will never be spared the consequences of natural disasters or large-scale events beyond our reasonable control.

Without proper transport insurance, the compensation to which your company is entitled in the event of an accident may be drastically lower than the real value of the shipment, which is usually calculated according to the volume or weight of the load and subject to a limited liability clause.

What are the benefits to your company of contracting our insurance?
  • Considerable savings with competitive premiums
  • Custom insurance with no waiting period
  • You make the arrangements just once, and we handle the rest
  • Assurance of working with the largest insurers in the world
  • No billing surprises. A single invoice for your shipment
  • Compensation for the real value of your shipment, and not for its weight or volume

Not sure what service you need?

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