Mass consumer goods: unique features

Specialists for many years in handling mass consumer goods, we have optimized our clients’ processes and become a trusted partner in their business operations.

What solutions do we offer for mass consumer goods?

Receipt, storage and distribution

We provide you with a full network of resources and locations ready for the receipt, storage and distribution of both your food and non-food products.

Traceability and tracking

Total traceability of your products throughout the supply and distribution chain through specific software and methodologies in controlled temperature conditions if the products requires it.

Specialized packing and packaging

Support and advice for designing, locating, packing and packaging your products in conventional operations or special promotions.

Order preparation

Individual or shared solutions for the preparation and dispatch of orders to distribution centers or to the final customer.

Not sure what service you need?

Advisory for document management and customs

With a track record of thousands of successful shipments all over the world, we have broad experience in customs procedures and import-export operations that enable our customers to expedite movement of their goods with full assurance.

The following are available for all shipments:

  • Customs dispatch
  • Document control
  • Tax procedure
  • Health and veterinary services
  • Perishable produce
  • Transit of goods
  • Customs storage and warehouses
  • Issue of EUR 1, ATR certificates, etc

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