Door-to-door service for any point of origin and destination

At Boss Continental, we know that cost and delivery time are the key in any logistics process. Being on time at the right price is in our genes. So this is why we offer our clients efficiently combined transport solutions. This lowers logistics costs, avoids warehousing needs and offers comprehensive transport solutions.

To transport any goods, whether food or non-food consumer goods, complete containers or partial cargo to an international destination, read the options available. We can handle the collection, transport and distribution, so you can focus on your business with peace of mind.

What services does Boss Continental offer?

Transport with direct distribution

This is our comprehensive solution for middle and long-distance goods transport, integrating air, land and sea transport as per the needs and requirements of the shipment.

This solution includes collection, transport, deconsolidation and delivery, thus eliminating the need for warehousing, or changes of supplier, while reducing waiting times and reducing supply chain costs.

Combined air-sea transport

Combining the speed of air transport and the economy of sea transport, this option can improve delivery times over conventional transport and offer considerable savings on air transport.

We handle consolidation, document management, customs and all critical points in the logistics process to keep it incident-free.

Land transport by road and rail

Extremely effective for long distances, this combination offers a high level of security for your goods as well as environmental sustainability.

Whether its partial cargo or complete containers, ask us how we can reduce your costs.

Not sure what service you need?

Advisory for document management and customs

With a track record of thousands of successful shipments all over the world, we have broad experience in customs procedures and import-export operations that enable our customers to expedite movement of their goods with full assurance.

The following are available for all shipments:

  • Customs dispatch
  • Document control
  • Tax procedure
  • Plant health services
  • Perishable produce
  • Transit of goods
  • Customs storage and warehouses
  • Issue of EUR 1, ATR certificates, etc

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