Spanish wine in China

According to the Spanish Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX), China is the fifth destination country for exports of Spanish wine, with a turnover of more than 142 million euros and an increase of 25 % over that of 2015. Spain is the fourth wine supplier in China, with a market share of 7 %, after France, Australia and Chile.


Market Opportunities

Where to export to in China

Major cities like Shanghai or Beijing are more saturated. However, there is an extensive market for wine exports in other smaller cities such as Dalian, Qingdao, Xiamen, etc.


What kind of wine does the Chinese public prefer?

Although the traditional beverage Baiju, a distillate of rice and cereals, is still the favorite liquor for the Chinese, the wine market is booming. Nowadays, red wine is the most developed, but there are new opportunities for sparkling wine and, to a lesser extent, for white and rosé.

The maritime transport of wine

Bottled wine

The bottled wine is transported in pallets which can normally fit up to 720 bottles. A full container load (FCL) of a 20′ container fits 11 europallets (base 1.2 x 0.8 m) and one of a 40′ container, 25 europallets. The transit time of a ship from a Spanish port to Asia ranges between 25 and 50 days.


Wine in bulk with flexitanks and thermal blankets

The wine in bulk is moved within Flexitanks, which are flexible plastic bags or tanks that are exclusively integrated inside the 20′ containers, allowing the wine to be transported without bottling and being completely safe for maritime transport. They can have different capacities depending on the density of the wine, containing between 16 kl and 24 kl.

In turn, to avoid thermal shocks and to cushion large differences in temperature and condensation, the inside of the container can be coated with a thermal blanket.

Temperature controlled transport

There are products that require a specific temperature and humidity level, such as wine, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, dairy products, etc. In these cases, the maritime transport with refrigerated or reefer containers maintains the necessary temperature. There are 20′, 40′ (11.49 m x 2.27 m x 2.19 m) and 40′ HC (11.55 m x 2.29 m x 2.50 m) containers.

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