1- What is their story?

Pallets were created in the 1920s in the United States; over time, different types have been developed according to the users’ needs.


2- What types are the most relevant?

During World War II, the width of European wagons was 2,400 mm, for this reason the most used dimensions for a pallet in Europe are 1,200 x 800 mm. These pallets are known as European pallets and they take advantage of the width of the trailers.


The other most internationally used pallets are the American or universal pallets. Their dimensions are 1,000 x 1,200 mm and with them it is not possible to make the most of the available space, since the trailers of the European trucks do not adjust to their size.


3- How many pallets can a container or a truck fit?

The capacity of the complete 20′ container is 10 pallets, while the 40′ container can carry up to 22 pallets.

Normally, in a standard truck one can load 33 non-stockable European pallets or a maximum of 66 stockable pallets with up to 24,000 kg.

4 – What materials can pallets be made of?


90% of the pallets in the market are made of wood, due to its good quality-price relationship, ease of storage, durability and the possibility of being repaired in case of breakage. The biggest problem facing wood pallets is their vulnerability to dampness or the appearance of bacteria.


The creation of the NIMF-15 regulation has facilitated the growth in the use of plastic pallets. They stand out for great durability, with resistance to impacts and the weather, and are easy to fumigate in case of bacteria. They are recyclable, but they are more difficult to repair.


Although they have the highest price, they are the most resistant and they have a high hygiene level, recommended for companies which must meet sanitary requirements; they are usually made of steel or aluminum, and are commonly used for exteriors and ocean cargo.


Cardboard pallets are the best for lightweight products, as they are more economical, have a light weight, are easy to transport and can be customized, although their durability is usually of a single use.

5- How many sorts are there?

There are two types of pallets according to their points of entry: they can be either two-way or four-way pallets. The first ones have two open sides and two closed sides. However, the four-way pallet is more accessible for transport devices, and nowadays, with a little imagination, it can be transformed into an original piece of furniture for your home.

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